11 October 2017

Anthony Powell Biography

Obviously we are delighted that Hilary Spurling's long-awaited biography of Anthony Powell was released in the UK by Penguin Random House on 5 October.

The book can be ordered from Amazon UK or from any good bookseller.

Hilary Spurling is one of our leading biographers and as a friend of Powell's (and his choice of biographer) it is hardly surprising she has produced an enthralling and splendid volume: interesting and very readable with something fascinating on almost every page.

The vast majority of the reviews have been extremely complimentary – and in my judgement quite rightly so. For those who want to catch up on the reviews here's a list of those of which we are aware. [Note that some of these are hidden behind a paywall.]
  • Hilary Spurling has herself written about the biography in the Times on 23 September.
  • John Carey in the Sunday Times on 24 September.
  • Claire Messud in the Guardian on 28 September.
  • Lara Feigel in the Financial Times on 29 September.
  • Philip Hensher in the Spectator on 30 September.
  • Laura Freeman in the October issue of Standpoint magazine.
  • Jeremy Treglown in the October issue of Literary Review.
  • Robert McCrum in the Observer on 1 October.
  • A parody review in Private Eye on 6 October (not online).
  • DJ Taylor in the Times on 7 October (not online).
  • Craig Brown in the Daily Mail on 7 October.
  • Nicholas Shakespeare in the Daily Telegraph on 7 October (not online).
  • Lucy Hughes-Hallett in New Statesman on 8 October.
  • Kieran Fagan in th Irish Times on 14 October.
  • Selina Hastings in the November issue of The Oldie.
We'll try to update this list as we encounter further reviews.

Meanwhile if you're an Anthony Powell fan go and by the biography!

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