31 October 2016

AP Society Tote Bags

AP Society Tote Bags are here!

They’re shopping bags, so the design has a Dance and a shopping theme. Side one has a schematic cover design for A Buyer’s Market in red; side two has an outline design for the cover of Ada Leintwardine’s first novel I Stopped at a Chemist’s in blue. Obviously we hope the design may pique the curiosity of those who spot us with the bags and prompt them to investigate.

The bags are made of stout 10oz cotton, are approximately 39cm square with a 10cm gusset and long handles. The gusset makes them much more able to accommodate our favourite objects: books

The bags are available now at £6 to UK members and £9 to overseas members; £7.50 to UK non-members and £11.50 to overseas non-members. Prices include postage. (If collected at an AP Soc. London event they’re just £4.50.)

You can order using the online shop on the Society’s website.

However, if you wish to buy more than one bag it is suggested that you email merchandise@anthonypowell.org or secretary@anthonypowell.org with the number of bags you want; we can then give you a quote for the actual shipping cost as this may well work out cheaper.

The bags will make great Christmas stocking fillers for friends and family and they were selling like hot cakes at the AGM. But don’t forget that if you’re outside the UK we should really get your order in the mail by the end of November for delivery before Christmas

14 September 2016

Extraordinary London Pub Meet

Everyone seems to be coming to London this year, so here’s another extra London pub meet ...

Saturday 8 October 2016
Venue: The Audley, Mount Street, London, W1
Time: 1230 to 1530 hrs

This is an opportunity to welcome our American members Joanne & Tony Edmonds to London. They were very early Society members and have spoken at several conferences. Over the years Joanne & Tony have also brought many groups of students to the UK and included AP on their Oxford and London itineraries.

We will meet at our usual venue, The Audley in Mount Street, which is a few yards from the Grosvenor Chapel (venue for AP’s memorial service) and about 5 minutes walk from Shepherd Market and Hill Street. The pub meet will be the usual informal event: chat, beer, food and a generally convivial time.

As always, just turn up, no need to book. And non-members are always welcome.

For further information please email secretary@anthonypowell.org.

09 September 2016

Anthony Powell Society Newsletter #64

The Autumn issue of the Society's Newsletter (#64) is now out and was mailed to members about 10 days ago.

For the benefit of those who are not members, but who we might entice to join the Society, this 40-page issue contains:
  • The Social Climber as Hero by Simon Barnes
  • Social Mobility in AP’s World by Geoff Eagland
  • Mavis Widmerpool’s Commonplace Book by Stephen Hoare
  • We All have Our Own Norpois by Nicholas Birns
  • Who Are They? by Michael Henle
  • My First Time: Widmerpool Revealed by Geraint Dearman
  • A Saturday Stroll in Fitzrovia by Prue Raper
  • Truth and Art by Robin Bynoe
  • Milly Andriadis’ Illegal Rave or Which Way Did You Vote? by Our Social Correspondent
  • Controversy – It's What the APLIST if for! by Robin Bynoe
  • Book Review: Adrian Tinniswood, The Long Weekend by Michael Barber
  • Uncle Giles’ Corner: Tea
Plus the usual editorials, Society news & events, and AP-related cuttings.

27 July 2016

Anthony Powell Society Newsletter Contents

The latest issue of the Society’s quarterly Newsletter (#63, Summer 2016) was distributed at the beginning of June.

For the benefit of those who are not members, but who are hopefully considering joining Society ... in addition to the usual editorials, Society news & events, and AP-related cuttings, this 40-page issue contained:
  • York Conference Reports: 15 pages of reports, views & articles by Richard Jenkins, Michael Henle, Philippa Fawcett, Steve Loveman, Stephen Walker, Robin Bynoe, Clive Gwatkin Jenkins and Colin Donald
  • Pow-ell or Pole? The knotty problems of how to pronounce a tricky surname by Georgia Powell
  • My Uncle Giles by Prue Raper
  • Anthony Powell: Creator of Dad’s Army? by Simon Barnes
  • York, Overcoats and Unwritten Books by Alison Walker
  • My First Time: Random Thoughts by Peter Brunning
  • Book Review: Stella Gibbons, Pure Juliet reviewed by Robin Bynoe
  • Uncle Giles’ Investment Advice
The next issue is due out in early September and is already slated to contain another eclectic mix of AP-related articles; included with it will be the Society’s Annual Report and the papers for the AGM.

Can you really afford to miss 40 pages of AP-interest arriving in your post four times a year?

You can find Society membership information on our website.

19 July 2016

Anthony Powell Society AGM & Book Sale

Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 16th Annual General Meeting of the Anthony Powell Society will be held on Saturday 22 October 2016 at 1400 hrs in the Conference Room of St James's Church, Piccadilly, London W1

Nominations for three Trustee posts which fall vacant this year must reach the Hon. Secretary (secretary@anthonypowell.org) by Monday 8 August 2016. Candidates must be proposed by two members, indicate their willingness to stand and provide a short biographical statement. Nominations will be accepted by post or email. The elected Trustees must be Society members, not be barred from being trustees under English law and a majority of the Trustees must be ordinarily resident in England and Wales.

Motions for discussion at the AGM must also reach the Hon. Secretary by Monday 8 August 2016. They must be clearly worded, proposed by at least two members and contain a statement in support of the motion which will be published to members.

The AGM agenda and voting papers will be included with the Autumn Newsletter in early September. Proxy votes must reach the Hon. Secretary by Monday 17 October 2016.


"Bring and Buy" Book Sale

Instead of a speaker there will be a "Bring and Buy" Book Sale at this year's AGM — as we did at the 2013 Conference. The idea is that you bring your surplus books to be sold, and you buy other books in the sale. The seller and the Society split the sale price so that everyone benefits.

Book Registration: 1300-1400 hrs
Book Sale: 1330-1400 hrs and 1500-1630 hrs

Please bring along your surplus books. Powell-related books would be good but anything in decent condition is acceptable. The more interesting the book the more likely it is to sell.

You say how much your book should be sold for. Please be realistic and don't overprice books — we want to sell them! You also say what percentage of the sale price is to go to the Society (we suggest 50% but it’s your choice); you receive the remainder.

We will run the book stall, so all you have to do is bring books and buy books!

Sellers will need to complete a sales slip for each book you bring and put it inside the front cover. This slip will form our record of the sale so is essential if you want to be paid! Afterwards we will work out how much you are owed. You will be paid in the days following the AGM — there will not be time on the day! Unsold books should be taken away promptly at the end of the sale.

If you are intending to bring books for sale, please contact the Hon. Secretary in advance so we can send you sales slips, as this will save a lot of time on the day. Similarly if you wish to sell books but cannot get to the AGM, please contact the Hon. Secretary.

Book Sale Terms & Conditions
1. By entering a book for sale you are agreeing that you have the right to sell it.
2. You will be paid your proceeds within 30 days following the AGM.
3. The Society may accept a reasonable offer of less than the Asking Price at its sole discretion if it is not possible to refer to you quickly.
4. Title to the book transfers on receipt of money from the purchaser.
5. Unsold books not collected within 30 minutes of the end of the sale will become the property of the Anthony Powell Society and may be used as the Society sees fit.


Society members only at the AGM. All welcome at the book sale.